City Commission Briefed on Funds for Relocating Homeless Shelter

The Shelton City Commission was briefed Monday afternoon on the use of funds from the 2011 cycle of the Community Development Block Grant program that were awarded for the Mason County Shelter. The City applied for the CDBG funds on behalf of the Shelter and was awarded $825,000 which will help fund construction of a new shelter.

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Consider Alternatives to Burning of Storm Debris

With the passing of last week’s storms, western Washington now faces the daunting task of cleaning up. The heavy snow and ice storms resulted in hundreds of downed trees and broken limbs throughout the region. Rather than trying to burn that wet, green wood, Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) encourages residents to find clean, safe alternative means of disposal. Chipping, composting and curbside picking of yard waste where available are reasonable alternatives.

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