Mason County Population Increases

The population in Mason County increased by 350 people last year. According to the State Office of Financial Management (OFM), which uses population estimates to calculate state program administration and in the allocation of selected state revenues, the County’s populations is 61,450, up from 61,100 in 2011 and up from 60,699 in 2010. The population in the City of Shelton went up 15 from last year to 8,870 and increased 36 from 2010.

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Health Care Law Upheld – Reaction from Gregoire, McKenna & Kriedler

The Supreme Court upheld the so-called individual mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, the key part of President Obama’s signature health care law. The court ruled that the mandate is unconstitutional under the Constitution’s commerce clause, but it can stay as part of Congress’s power under a taxing clause. The court said that the government will be allowed to tax people for not having health insurance.

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Three Celebrity Golfers to Attend Love INC Golf Tourney

Don James holding an auction item from the 2011 Love Inc. Golf Tournament

Three celebrity golfers have signed up to participate in the Second Annual Love INC Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction set for July 30th at Alderbrook Golf Course in Union. In April, Love INC announced former University of Washington head football coach Don James will be attending. This week, the organization announced Julio Cruz, former Seattle Mariner record holder and now voice of the Mariners; and Nesby Glasgow, former NFL player, and University of Washington four-year starter, All American who played in the 1978 Rose Bowl will also be participating.

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Fireworks Sales Start Today

The sale of fireworks begins at noon today (Thursday, June 28, 2012). State law allows the sale of fireworks until 9 PM July 5th. However, the discharge of legal fireworks maybe limited depending on where you live. In the City of Shelton, fireworks can only be set off on July 4th. Elsewhere in Mason County, you may discharge fireworks from 9 AM to 11 PM each day except today when noon is the start time and on the 4th when you have until midnight to light them off. Fire officials remind folks of the three “B’s” of fireworks safety:

Be Prepared

Be Safe

Be Responsible

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