Robin Hood Village Facing Ecology Fine for Shoreline Permitting Violations

The Robin Hood Village Resort in Union is being fined $12,000 by the Department of Ecology (Ecology) for failing to comply with shoreline permitting requirements. An Ecology news release says the penalty was levied after the park owner failed to comply with an April 5th Notice of Correction that instructed the owner to either apply to Mason County for required shoreline permits or to remove four rental units placed along Hood Canal shore lands.

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Water Commissioners Briefed on Mediation

The Belfair Water District Commissioners were briefed on the mediation that is now scheduled between the Water District and David Tipton Tuesday night. After a 15-minute executive session, the Water District’s Attorney, Brian Snure, explained that mediation is mandatory in Mason County for civil lawsuits and spelled out specifically what is in dispute.

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