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Action Demanded on Sexual Assault Survivors Bills

Two House Republican lawmakers are speaking out and demanding action after their bills to help sexual assault survivors died in the Senate. John Sattgast from the Washington House Republicans reports from the state Capitol.

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House Republicans Abstain from Voting on Union Dues Bill

A measure that would force individual care providers, including those who care for family members, to pay as much as one-thousand dollars a year in union dues passed the House Thursday with 50 Democrat votes. In an unprecedented move, all 48 Republicans abstained from the vote. John Sattgast with the Washington House Republicans reports from the state Capitol.

Governor Vetoes Controversial Public Records Bill

At the state Capitol in Olympia Thursday, lawmakers from both parties admitted a mistake and asked the governor to use his veto pen on a bill most of them had voted for a few days earlier.  Dan Frizzell from the Washington State House Democratic Caucus has more.

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