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Shelton Police Highlight Success of Auto Theft Prevention Initiative

The Shelton Police Department has seen a significant reduction in the number of reported auto thefts in 2017. During January through April of 2016, there were 28 reported auto thefts in Shelton. This year, that number has dropped to only 15.

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Shelton Police Receive High Marks on WSP Compliance Report

The Shelton Police Department has received high marks on its annual compliance report from the Washington State Patrol. According to a news release, SPD had the highest percentage of arrests in Mason County in 2015:

The State Patrol’s Annual Disposition Reporting Compliance Report is used as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of procedures for compiling Criminal History Record Information (CHRI). Established during the 1972 Legislative Session, the Criminal History Records Section (CHRS) is the central repository for statewide CHRI. The CHRI is based on arrest fingerprint card submissions from sheriff’s offices, police departments, and adult correctional and juvenile detention facilities.

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Shelton Police Swear In New Lieutenant and New Officer

The Shelton Police Department has a new Lieutenant, Mike Fiola, and a new officer, Charles Taylor.

L-R: New Officer Charles Taylor, Chief Darin Moody & new Lt. Mike Fiola

Both were sworn-in by Shelton Mayor Gary Cronce.

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Police: Intruder Who Watched Women Sleep Arrested

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the Shelton Police Department say they have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection to several home burglaries where the culprit broke into homes to watch young women sleep.

Over the last several months, female residents reported waking up in the early morning hours to see an unknown male intruder in their bedrooms watching them sleep. Each time, the perpetrator fled through unlocked doors when the victim woke up. The most recent incident was reported last Thursday (April 20, 2017) by a Shelton woman.

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More Reports of Intruder Watching Women Sleep

Additional cases of some one breaking into houses and watching young women while they sleep have been reported. The following is a news release on the latest incidents:

Early Thursday morning, a female Shelton resident awoke to see an unknown male intruder in her bedroom. When she alerted her boyfriend, who was sleeping next to her, the suspect fled. The victim immediately called 911 to report the incident to Shelton Police Department.

During the early stages of the investigation, a Shelton detective contacted neighbors and friends near the crime scene. The detective discovered there had possibly been additional incidents with similar circumstances that were not reported to law enforcement.

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Shelton Police Get Grant to Prevent Auto Theft

The Shelton Police Department has been awarded a grant to purchase anti-theft devices and help prevent motor vehicle theft.

On par with nationwide trends, the City of Shelton has experienced a significant increase in motor vehicle theft over the last two years. Shelton residents reported 68 auto thefts to the Shelton Police Department in 2016 – most being older Honda and Toyota sedans. This was an increase of 38 cars from the previous year. Many of the vehicles were either left unlocked or had no anti-theft devices, and were used for transport outside of the city.

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Shelton Police Staff Changes

Shelton Police Chief Darrin Moody summarized staffing changes in his department for the Shelton City Commission this week. These changes include retirements, new hires and a promotion. According to the Chief, the Shelton Police Department has hired four new officers, an animal control officer and office staff but not increased the number of employees.

As Chief Moody mentioned, unless a dog is threatening, call one of MACECOM’s non-emergency numbers (360-426-4441 or 360-426-4442) to report strays.

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Shelton Police Seeking Info on Voyeurism

The Shelton Police Department is seeking information on a report of voyeurism at a fast food restaurant last week. The following was posted to the City’s Facebook page:

On Monday January 23rd 2017 a report of a voyeurism was initiated by a mother of a teenager. She reports that her child was inside the men’s bathroom stall at a local restaurant when an elderly male entered the bathroom. The elderly male proceeded to peer through the gap of the stall door on three separate occasions. The elderly male suspect walked out of the bathroom and was not seen again.

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