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Watch Active Shooter and Emergency Situations Luncheon

Watch the Active Shooter and Emergency Situations Luncheon put on by the Shelton Mason County Chamber of Commerce. Shelton Police Department’s Lt. Mike Fiola and MACECOM 911 Deputy Director Mary Ransier Garrett walked some 80 chamber members through what to do, what not to do, and how you can call on them in emergency situations such as an active shooter or other emergency situation.

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Shelton Police Partner with Crime Victim Service Center

The Shelton Police Department’s mission is to provide excellent service and protection through leadership and partnership with the community. A key part of that mission is partnership. Starting this month, Shelton PD will be partnering with the Crime Victim Service Center of Lewis and Mason Counties to provide specialized crime victim assistance and consultation services.

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DUI Emphasis Leads to 7 Arrests

The Shelton Police Department’s recent DUI emphasis resulted in 44 infractions, two DUI investigations, and seven arrests. Shelton Officers conducted the emphasis from December 10th to January 2nd and made over 90 traffic stops for suspected impaired driving.

“Officers were on the lookout for drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs over the holiday season,” stated Lt. Mike Fiola. “Unfortunately, we tend to see an increase in the number of impaired drivers on the road during that time. We conducted the emphasis in an effort to keep those drivers off the road.”

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Shelton Police: Three Narcan Saves in a Week

Over the past week, Shelton Police Officers have administered Narcan to three people after they overdosed on opioids. The overdoses occurred on 12/29/17, 12/30/18, and 1/6/18 at different locations throughout the city. Officer Jason Lawson is credited with responding to each of these incidents and saving the lives of all three people.

All Shelton Police officers have been equipped with Narcan nasal spray for over a year. Timely application of Narcan can counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose.

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Home Burglary Suspect Taken into Custody

Thursday at around 1:00 PM, Shelton Police were dispatched to a residence in the 1200 block of Fairmount Avenue regarding a possible burglary in progress.  A neighbor noticed a suspicious male walking around the exterior of a friend’s home. The neighbor was aware that their friend was currently out of town on vacation. When the man entered the house, they immediately called 911.

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Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Around noon Tuesday, December 19th, Shelton Police were dispatched to the 100 block of E. Wallace Kneeland Boulevard in response to a robbery.  A business owner reported that a male suspect was stealing merchandise from their store. When the business owner confronted the suspect, he pulled out a knife and threatened the owner. The suspect then fled towards a nearby bus stop.

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Distracted Driving Emphasis Underway in Shelton

In an effort to reduce motor vehicle collisions and associated injuries, Shelton Police Officers have already dedicated thirty-two hours this month targeting distracted drivers. In the first few days of December alone, officers made over 109 traffic stops, resulting in 53 distracted driver infractions, 2 DUI citations, and 7 arrests. Shelton PD will be applying for additional grant funding in 2018 to continue targeted traffic safety patrols.

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Shelton PD to Increase Distracted Driving Patrols

Fatalities from distracted driving have increased 32% in Washington State during 2017. Mason County alone has had two fatalities, and five people that were seriously injured, in auto collisions related to distracted driving. With the passage and signing of the statewide E-DUI Act in July, the Shelton Police Department is taking action locally to address the rise in distracted driving collisions.

During the month of December, Shelton PD will have additional officers on overtime looking specifically for distracted driving violations.

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Shelton Officers Fired; No Charges in Beating Homeless Man

The two Shelton Police officers investigated for beating a homeless man in May have been fired and will not be charged.

According to a news release, the officers’ terminations were effective November 6, 2017 and followed an internal investigation of their actions on May 25, 2017 which revealed several violations of Shelton Police Department Policies.

Monday, Mason County Prosecutor, Mike Dorcy announced his decision not to file any criminal charges against the former employees of the Shelton Police Department.

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False Report of Homicide Leads to Arrest

A 42-year-old Shelton man is in custody after reporting a bogus homicide. According to a news release, the Shelton Police Officers, along with Deputies from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, converged on a home in the 200 block of Arcadia Avenue Tuesday morning after MACECOM received a 911 call regarding a fatal shooting. The caller reported that a man had been shot and killed by his roommate.

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