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Firefighters Train in Bayshore

Firefighters from Central Mason Fire & EMS, Mason County Fire District 6 (Union Fire Department) and Mason County Fire District 11 participated in live fire training Saturday at a house next to the former Bayshore Golf Course. Tim McKern, Central Mason Fire & EMS Chief, explained the purpose of the training for MasonWebTV Powered by HCC.

To provide water for this training, firefighters ran hoses from a hydrant on the west side of Highway 3 between John’s Creek and John’s Prairie Road to the house at 2480 State Route 3, which is more than 900 feet. Continue reading Firefighters Train in Bayshore

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Live Fire Training Saturday in Bayshore

Central Mason Fire & EMS will have a training burn Saturday, April 22, 2017. Firefighters will be lighting an old building on fire around 9:30 am. The donated building is the old Bayshore Golf Course groundskeeper housing located at 3480 State Route 3. The building is derelict and needs to be razed. Continue reading Live Fire Training Saturday in Bayshore

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Controlled Practice Burn on John’s Prairie

197 fd11 deCentral Mason Fire & EMS will be conducting a practice burn located at 3290 E John’s Prairie Rd Shelton WA on Saturday, May 16th 2015 starting around 8:00 am.

The purpose of this exercise is to provide training to your firefighters under realistic conditions. This exercise will be under controlled conditions, monitored by veteran firefighters and officers. Continue reading Controlled Practice Burn on John’s Prairie

Practice Burn Saturday

practice burn pastCentral Mason Fire & EMS will be conducting a Training Burn Saturday at 541 E Pickering Road. The purpose of the Training Burn is to give firefighters a chance to practice their skills and to maintain proficiency. According to a news release, practice burns are a “very controlled evolution to ensure life safety of all participants and to minimally impact surrounding citizens.” Continue reading Practice Burn Saturday