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County Commission Briefed on Cooperative High School

The Mason County Commission was briefed Monday on the Cooperative High School voters in the Hood Canal School District and the Pioneer School District will be deciding on February 13th. Hood Canal School District Superintendent Shawn Batstone and Pioneer School District Superintendent Martin Brewer explained to the Commissioners how the two Districts have come together to plan what would be the County’s fourth high school if voters approve construction bonds to build the school.

Each District is asking voters to approve a $30 Million bond to build the $60-$70 Million, 100,000 square foot high school for 750 students. If approved, the high school would be built in the Lake Limerick area. 

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Opening on Pioneer School Board

The Board of Directors of Pioneer School District is accepting applications to fill a board vacancy until the 2019 regular election. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, along with resume, to Martin A. Brewer, Secretary to the Board, Pioneer School District, 112 E. Spencer Lake, Shelton, WA 98584. The application deadline will be February 2, 2018. To be legally eligible for the office of school director, a person must be 18 years or older, a registered voter in the Pioneer School District, a US citizen and legal resident of Washington. Questions can be directed to the District Office at 360-426-9115.

February Vote on Cooperative High School

Voters in the Pioneer and Hood Canal school districts will decide in February whether the build a cooperative high school. The school boards held a joint meeting Thursday night to discuss the concept with residents.

During the meeting, held at the new Pioneer Middle School, Superintendents Marty Brewer and Shawn Batstone told residents they are looking to build the new high school in the MacEwan Prairie area which is where the two districts share a border. The school would be 100,000 square feet, built on 40 to 50 acres, house up to 750 students and is estimated to cost $60 Million to $70 Million. Each district will be asking its voters to approve 30-year, $30 Million construction bonds and since the school is a cooperative effort, the state match could be as much as $10 Million.

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School Boards to Talk New High School

The school boards from the Pioneer School District and the Hood Canal School District are meeting at 6 PM Thursday to discuss their vision for a cooperative high school. The public is invited and encouraged to attend the Joint School Board Meeting at the Pioneer Middle School, 50 E. Spencer Lake Road, Shelton, WA. During this meeting, there will be discussions on school location, program offerings and potential costs. Officials will also be answering questions.

Following the presentation and discussion, the school boards could take action for the consideration of a cooperative high school.

Sneak Peak of New Pioneer Middle School

A small group got a sneak peak of the new Pioneer Middle School that is nearly complete in the Agate area. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC’s Dedrick Allan was one of two reporters to take the tour Friday morning.

In February of 2015, voters in the Pioneer School District approved a $25.4 Million construction bond to replace the District’s Intermediate/Middle School and expand the existing Pioneer Primary School.


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Pioneer Moves Start of School

The Pioneer School District has moved its first day of school to September 13, 2017. According to a news release, the District’s construction project is on time and on budget with substantial completion set for Wednesday, September 27th.


Pioneer officials have been working with general contractor CE & C for months to finish the project three weeks ahead of the schedule. However, in order to provide an efficient and safe transition into the new facilities, the District has determined it will be necessary to move the school start date as now the substantial completion is two weeks ahead of schedule.

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School Boards Moving Forward with Establishing Another High School

At their June school board meetings, the Pioneer and Hood Canal Board of Directors directed Superintendents Marty Brewer and Shawn Batstone to prepare their districts for establishing a cooperative high school. The boards’ decisions were based on feedback and input from a series of community forums and an on-line survey. Of the 883 responses collected, 72% supported this option.

The districts will meet with administration from Shelton School District and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to share the results of the community input and gather feedback in order to provide recommendations to their boards regarding appropriate next steps.

Pioneer School Demolition Begins

The demolition of the old Pioneer intermediate/middle school started Thursday morning with a ceremonial “first swing” by Pioneer Kiwanis member Bob Helm. What was originally thought to be a swing of a sledge hammer turned into Mr. Helm operating demolition machinery. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC spoke with him after he spent about 15 minutes behind the controls.

Helm won the opportunity to start the demolition by being the highest bidder at an auction during the Kiwanis Crab & Clam Dinner.

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Demolition of Pioneer School Begins Thursday

Pioneer’s Intermediate/Middle School buildings will be demolished in several phases The first phase starts Thursday, June 29th. This phase will include the middle school wing and the gymnasium. The main building, intermediate wing and quad will be demolished sometime after July 4th.

The ceremonial first swing is 7 AM Thursday. Those wanting to attend should meet in front of the construction trailer. Bob Helm, a member of Pioneer Kiwanis, will be taking that “first swing.” Demolition of the middle school will follow the ceremony.

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