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City Council Candidate Salaries Set

The Shelton City Commission set the salaries for the incoming City Council members Monday as the City transitions from a three-member commission to a seven-member council. The Commissioners set the monthly salary at $500 ($6,000 annually). The current commissioners, who will become council members once the council is seated, will earn $1300 a month ($15,600 annually) until the next election for their seats.

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General Election Results Updated 12 PM 11/9/17

The only changes in latest General Election results show a narrowing of the gap between City Commission Candidates and new leaders for Grapeview and Mary M. Knight school boards.

In the race for Shelton City Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement, Kevin Dorcy lead incumbent Tracy Moore by 10 votes. That gap was 16 Tuesday night. As of the last ballot count, Dorcy has 719 votes (50.35%) to Moore’s 709 votes (49.65%).

The measure to change the City’s form of government from a three-member commission to a seven-member council is now passing with 64.33 percent approval. That’s 936 voting “Yes” and 519 voting “No.”

In the race for Grapeview School Board Director Position No. 5, Casey Breeze has taken the lead from Timothy Gero. Breeze has a 15-vote lead with 394 votes (50.97%) to Gero’s 379 votes (49.03%). After the first count, Gero had a 10-vote lead.

In the Mary M. Knight School District, Jennifer Phipps has taken a three-vote lead on incumbent Leroy Valley for School Board Director Position No. 1. After the initial count, Valley had a two-vote lead. The latest results show Phipps with 148 votes (50.51%) to Valley’s 145 votes (49.49%). In Grays Harbor County, the two candidates both received 17 votes.
The MMK construction bond is failing 60.12 percent of the vote. That’s 208 voting to reject and 138 voting to approve.

No change in the other races.

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General Election Results

After ballots were counted Tuesday night, the unofficial results from the General Election show City Council measure passing, County Property tax levy lid lift failing, Mary M. Knight construction bond failing, and Fire District 3 EMS levy passing. There are also close races for Shelton City Commission, Grapeview School Board and Mary M. Knight School Board.

In the City of Shelton, 63.14 percent of the voters are in favor of changing the City’s form of government from a three-member commission to a seven-member council. That’s 723 voting “Yes” and 422 voting “No”. There were also 40 Under Votes, meaning 40 people chose not to vote for the proposition.

For Shelton City Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement, Kevin Dorcy has a 16-vote lead on incumbent Tracy Moore. Dorcy leads 50.57 percent (574 votes) to Moore’s 49.16 percent (558 votes). There are also three write-ins and 50 under votes.

Mason County’s measure to increase the property tax levy 37 cents per thousand is failing with 67.48 percent voting against. That’s 7,488 voting “No” to 3,608 “Yes” votes with 257 deciding not to vote.

In the race for Port of Allyn Commissioner District No. 2, Ted Jackson leads Houston Hamilton 999 votes to 764 votes. That’s 55.75 percent voting for Jackson and 42.63 percent voting for Hamilton with 29 write-ins and 463 under votes.

The Mary M. Knight School District’s construction bond is failing with 65.18 percent voting against. That’s 161 voting “No” and 86 voting “Yes”. In the race for Director District No. 1, incumbent Leroy Valley has a two-vote lead on Jennifer Phipps. That’s 105 voting for Valley and 103 voting for Phipps with three write-ins and 41 under votes. 

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County Levy Lid Lift Fact Sheet Released

Mason County has released a fact sheet on Proposition No. 1, the property tax levy lid lift measure on the November 7th General Election Ballot. Frank Pinter, Director of Support Services for the County, announce the release of the fact sheet during Tuesday night’s Mason County Commission meeting.

The five page document gives background on why the County is asking to increase property tax 37 cents, where the funds will go if the measure passes, and what happens if the measure fails.

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REALTORS® Endorse Dorcy for Shelton City Commissioner

The Mason County Association of REALTORS®, one of the county’s largest business organizations, has endorsed Kevin Dorcy for Shelton City Commissioner in this year’s general election.

The endorsement decision follows comprehensive candidate interviews held in early October with the local organization’s candidate interview panel in Shelton. The interview questions posed to the candidates involved issues that impact the real estate industry and home, property and business ownership that help the community thrive.

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League of Women Voters Discusses Propositions

Tuesday, the League of Women Voters of Mason County discussed the two propositions Mason County voters will see on their General Election Ballot: City of Shelton’s proposition to change from a three-member commission to a seven-member council and Mason County’s proposition to increase property tax by 37 cents per thousand of assessed value.

City Manager Ryan Wheaton gave a presentation on the facts of the measure and answered questions from League members. City Commissioner Tracy Moore was in attendance and spoke in favor of the change as well as answered questions.

League member Michelle Bell then outlined the County’s property tax increase and the League discussed the proposition. 

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Watch North Mason Candidates Debate

Here is where you can watch the North Mason Candidates Debate live from the HUB for Senior Services in Belfair presented by the North Mason Chamber of Commerce and the North Mason Community Voice.

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Candidates Forums Monday and Tuesday

MasonWebTV Powered by HCC is broadcasting two candidate forums. The first is 6 PM Monday night at the Mason County Public Works Building. This forum, presented by the Shelton Mason County Chamber of Commerce and the Shelton Mason County Journal, features the candidates running for Shelton City Commissioner of Public Works, and the contested races for Shelton, Hood Canal and Grapeview school boards.

At 6:30 PM Tuesday is the second candidates forum at the HUB for Senior Services in Belfair.

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Ballots in Mail Tuesday; New Ballot Drop Boxes

Ballots for the Nov. 7th General Election will be mailed to voters on Tuesday, October 17th. As soon as voters receive their ballots, they can begin depositing them into a ballot drop box that are available 24 hours a day.

With the addition of two new permanent ballot drop boxes this year – one in Union at the Texaco Station at 1031 E McReavy Rd and the other in Grapeview at the Horton Community Center at 4350 Grapeview Loop Road, there are now eight drop boxes throughout the county.

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