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Op/Ed by Tom Davis: County takes on more debt w/no commissioner explanation

I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic that some people believe is real and others don’t, but what is real for both camps is that our commissioners are leading us down a path that could increase the county’s long term debt by another eight million dollars.

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I attended the regularly scheduled meeting of the BOCC today to try and stop our commissioners from giving away $30,000 to a private citizen who filed a lawsuit against the county that included the following allegation: “On April 10, 2019 Plaintiff made a request for public records from Defendant for which the Defendant intentionally and in bad faith, denied said records in an effort to conceal from Plaintiff records of significant importance relating to a proposed gravel mine application on Hood Canal.”

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NM Chamber Board Votes to Support Fire Bond

The North Mason Chamber of Commerce Board has voted to support the North Mason Regional Fire Authority’s bond for an Emergency Management Campus in North Mason. The Fire Authority is asking voters to approved a 25-year, $10 Million Bond to acquire land adjacent to the old headquarters station and construct a new Headquarters Station.

Here is the Chamber Board’s statement:

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Op/Ed by Ken VanBuskirk: NM Emergency Management Campus Bond

I am not against the concept of a “campus” just the location.  For that reason  I went to Mason County Commissioners last March and asked them to conduct a feasibility study before signing a “non binding” letter of intent to utilize the existing fire station. It will be costly to retrofit the existing stormwater system on the property and there are unanswered questions regarding what are “essential” public facilities. Anyone that has been stuck in our daily gridlock realizes that our traffic infrastructure needs to be fixed before we build another “campus”!

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Op/Ed from WIAA: Biggest Challenge Facing High School Sports: Parents & Adult Fans

Inappropriate adult behavior at high school athletic events in Washington has reached epidemic proportion.

When more than 2,000 high school athletic directors were asked in a recent national survey what they like least about their job, 62.3% said it was “dealing with aggressive parents and adult fans.”

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Tort Claim Filed Against City

A tort claim has been filed against the City of Shelton over the City’s solid waste contract with Mason County Garbage. The following was submitted by Tom Lowe and Randy Lewis as a Citizen’s Editorial:

Solid waste ratepayers have filed a tort claim against the City of Shelton.

Below is text from the tort claim, which describes egregious features of the City’s solid waste contract with Mason County Garbage, in addition to some of the misleading and false information presented to the public.    

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