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Op/Ed by Earline Legge: Can you Afford Randy Neatherlin?

Mason County Commissioner Randy Neatherlin has betrayed the public trust with his secret push to establish a 66-acre GRUMP Gravel Pit in a residential zone on North Shore Road near Belfair. He told pit opponents that his purpose was to “grease the wheels and get things going” in recommending the GRUMP proposal. Randy repeatedly pressed county staff to support the project, asking them “How do we get to yes?”

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Op/Ed by Brian Peterson: Commissioner Choice Is Easy

When it comes to this year’s selection of County Commissioner, the choice is clear; keep this effective incumbent, Randy Neatherlin! With all due respect to others who have served before, I have NEVER seen a more effective, more dedicated and engaged public servant in the 42 years I’ve lived in Mason County. Randy exemplifies what an elected should be, a constant advocate for his county and all of his constituents.

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Op/Ed from Bob Harris: Randy Cares

Mason County Commissioner Randy Neatherlin at recent potentially riotous protests in both Shelton and Belfair calmed the restless crowds and deescalated several potentially violent altercations. As a peace keeper and not a protester, he carried a BE KIND sign and reminded everyone that “this is our home and we wouldn’t go to your home and damage it”.

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