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Op/Ed: Are Commissioners Constructing Roadblocks to Public Meetings?

At the Monday, July 20, briefing, all three Mason County commissioners agreed to reduce the number of regularly scheduled commission meetings from four to two per month.

There was no coherent explanation given for the decision and no legitimate reason for it exists, since these meetings have been held remotely since July 7th. Additionally, there was no legitimate reason for the commissioners to continue restricting in-person public attendance at meetings since attendance was at commissioner discretion since July 7th.

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Op/Ed by Tom Davis: County looks to hiring a grant writer…again

During the hiring freeze of 2017, county commissioners eliminated three staff positions so they could fill three new positions in the Support Services Department. As a result, one of the employees laid off was a highly qualified and well respected grant writer and contract manager. Some citizens questioned the wisdom of eliminating a revenue generating position during a budget crunch, but those voices fell on deaf ears.

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Op/Ed by Tom Davis: Ethics in the era of COVID-19

With few exceptions, the most important part of any public meeting is the public comment segment. On any issue, County Commissioners have unlimited time to opine from their bully pulpit, but the public is limited to only 3 minutes per person, 15 minutes total. In practice, however, there is no time limit on public comments and the commissioners know this, so why the pretense?

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COVID-19 Op/Ed by Anonymous Belfair Resident

I don’t believe we are doing the public any justice by withholding a general area in a county which covid-19 positive cases have been identified. I believe other communities have benefited by dodging or frequenting a little less areas where cases have been Identified. It may have some affect on business or at least maybe people will practice a little better covid-19 hygiene practices knowing that the virus has hit closer to home in their community thus maybe saving hospitalizations or lives. Identify the area in the county not the the names of the infected.

Anonymous, Belfair

Op/Ed by Tom Davis: County takes on more debt w/no commissioner explanation

I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic that some people believe is real and others don’t, but what is real for both camps is that our commissioners are leading us down a path that could increase the county’s long term debt by another eight million dollars.

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I attended the regularly scheduled meeting of the BOCC today to try and stop our commissioners from giving away $30,000 to a private citizen who filed a lawsuit against the county that included the following allegation: “On April 10, 2019 Plaintiff made a request for public records from Defendant for which the Defendant intentionally and in bad faith, denied said records in an effort to conceal from Plaintiff records of significant importance relating to a proposed gravel mine application on Hood Canal.”

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NM Chamber Board Votes to Support Fire Bond

The North Mason Chamber of Commerce Board has voted to support the North Mason Regional Fire Authority’s bond for an Emergency Management Campus in North Mason. The Fire Authority is asking voters to approved a 25-year, $10 Million Bond to acquire land adjacent to the old headquarters station and construct a new Headquarters Station.

Here is the Chamber Board’s statement:

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