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Op/Ed by Tom Davis: Leading by Example

Regarding the county budget, it seems everyone is in an all-fired hurry to move forward before learning from past mistakes. But without stopping to contemplate those lessons, our economic future holds no better outlook than our past. We all know this, yet there still appears to be no appetite for introspection. So here’s what needs to be done:  

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Op/Ed by Tom Davis: The art of the (bad) deal

According to Mason County Commissioners, the reason for a tax increase initiative on the November ballot is because revenues are not keeping pace with the cost of providing services. But let’s not forget that the primary function of the commission is, precisely, to monitor those forces over time and take whatever appropriate, incremental, measures are necessary to bring about a balance.  Perhaps if the commissioners had spent less time micro-managing other departments and more on their own, mandated, duties we might not be in this situation.

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Political OP/ED: Dan and Drew for the 35th

op-ed disclaimerFor those who have not yet voted, you really need to decide as to whether the legislators of the 35th District will represent you and your neighbors, or will they be the tool of the powerful in Olympia.  I believe the answer to this question can be found in Public Disclosure Commission data relating to the source of their campaign contributions.

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Political Op/Ed: Support Letters from Bill Hunt & Lisa Buechel

op-ed disclaimerMark Twain is credited for saying “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. I will take liberties with this and say that  in the current political race in the North Mason area “it’s not the number of signs in the contest, it’s the content of the signs in the contest.”

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OP/Ed by Kelley McIntosh, Belfair


The foundation of county government serves public safety, public health, public education, and public roads.  However, it appears our county leaders have lost sight of these cornerstones of governance.  Recently, there’s been news as to the Sheriff’s inability to manage his budget and provide boat safety, services for litter crew, and courthouse security screening. 

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