Spencer Lake Rescue

central mason fire & EMSSeven people are credited for helping rescue the occupant of an overturned boat on Spencer Lake this week. According to Central Mason Fire & EMS, the boat capsized about 3 PM Monday (March 25). The occupant was holding onto the overturned vessel and was yelling for help. Assistant Chief Mike Sobotka heard the call on his radio and started a phone tree for help. His first call was placed to some friends who live on Spencer Lake who then called more friends who live on Spencer Lake and own boats. A resident on the lake heard the cry for help and, using logs for floatation, swam to the boat to help keep the victim a float while two privately owned boats responded. With Sergeant Trevor Severance from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office on board one of the boats, the local heroes pulled the overboard citizen out of the water and delivered him to paramedics waiting on shore. The overboard citizen was uninjured thanks to emergency responders and the quick and selfless actions of the locals. Central Mason Fire & EMS will be presenting Hero awards to the seven (7) local heroes on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 4:00 PM. The presentation will take place at the headquarters station, 122 W Franklin Street in downtown Shelton.