Past May Help Keep Fairgrounds

Mason County Fairgrounds

Port of Shelton Commissioner Jay Hupp has found actions in the past that may help keep the Fairgrounds at its current location. Hupp recently dug through the State Archives and reviewed numerous newspaper articles dating back to the 1940s. Hupp presented his findings Tuesday along with a document call “Airport History from Commission Minutes.” According to Hupp, the timeline shows that in 1962 the Port was committed to preserving land for a fairground before a lease was in place: 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was also aware of the lease for the Fairground and waiting for FAA approval delayed work on the 1963 Fair: 

Another finding by Hupp related to the relocation of Certified Manufacturing from Renton to Shelton: 

That request from Certified was granted by the FAA: 

Hupp also talked about the first Airport Master Plan: 

The 1968 Airport Layout Plan which is part of the first Airport Master Plan shows a boundary which Hupp believes clearly separates land designated for aviation use from land for other uses: 

The last part of Hupp’s presentation brought the past actions more to the present when he brought up the February 4, 2013 letter from Randall S. Fiertz, Director, Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis for the FAA: 

No action was taken Tuesday. The other Port Commissioners will review Hupp’s findings and suggestion, and bring the issue back sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, the Mason County Commission is holding a public hearing/discussion on the Fairground at 6 PM next Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Everyone who is interested in the future of the Fairgrounds is encouraged to attend.


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