Public to City: No Bikini Baristas

video iconThe public told the Shelton City Commission: Bikini Baristas don’t belong in Shelton. Last month, the City Commission enacted a six-month moratorium on applications for new sexually oriented businesses including “drive-through coffee stands featuring scantily clad employees” more commonly called Bikini Baristas. This moratorium came after a business inquired about opening such an espresso stand in downtown Shelton. The Commissioners enacted the moratorium to allow staff to update the City’s code to address this type of business. Staff is looking into the regulations drafted by Kitsap County, the City of Bonney Lake, and Snohomish County to see what fits in Shelton. 

During a public hearing on the moratorium Monday night, the overwhelming message was not allow such businesses: 

The City Commissioners were split on whether a moratorium is needed but did agree that the regulations need to be updated. 

The moratorium remains in place and staff is expected to bring draft regulations forward in the next few months.