Green Diamond Opens Forestlands

Green Diamond Resource Company has reopened its forestlands to recreational use. Company officials say weekend rains reduced fire danger and over the next few days, gates will be opened and signs posted. According to Patti Case, public/regulatory affairs manager for Green Diamond, the company asks that visitors don’t enter the forestlands until the gates are opened. Green Diamond is also mounting new signs beside the gates to indicate whether an area is open for recreational use or not. These signs will employ a dot system, similar to other industrial forest land owners in Western Washington. A sign with a red dot means no motor vehicles are allowed. A green dot indicates licensed motor vehicles are allowed ON ROADS only. Orange signs indicate harvest or other activity is taking place and recreation access to these areas is prohibited. Also, an open gate may be a sign that forest management activity is taking place, Visitors should be cautious. Another thing recreation seekers should keep in mind is wearing high visibility clothing for safety. Visitors should also exit Green Diamond’s forest land within one hour of sunset as indicated in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hunting regulations.