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Mason County is losing lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. The costs are staggering. Yet County Commissioner Linda Ring Erickson believes they are “part of doing business and most of them are frivolous.” In reality, there’s nothing frivolous about expensive lawsuits draining our county treasury of nearly $3,000,000 dollars and a county commissioner so arrogant she won’t admit at least some responsibility.

Dr. Phil says past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior. Linda Ring Erickson has reigned as your county commissioner for the last 8 years and now she wants a new job as a state legislator. It’s no surprise her own political party refused to endorse her for the primary election. Can you afford even 4 more years of her highly questionable and obviously costly behavior?

The age discrimination lawsuit cost you and me $114,000 dollars plus legal fees of about $25,000. We paid nearly $500,000 to settle the Belfair Sewer land condemnation lawsuit. The labor settlement lawsuit could cost us about $2,000,000 dollars. Legal fees from the garbage hauling lawsuit may cost all of us about $50,000 dollars.

That’s nearly $3,000,000 dollars that would have been better spent on more Mason County deputies to protect our families and our businesses. We definitely can’t afford to lose another expensive lawsuit. Stop bleeding tax dollars with new Commissioners who’ll restore the trust in government.

Randy Netherlin has the proven leadership, experience and knowledge to turn county government around. He has wide spread support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike. He was the 2011 North Mason Chamber’s man of the year and currently a Port of Allyn Commissioner. He’s chairman of the Mason County Planning Commission and previously served as chairman of the Theler Community Center. Other public service includes founding member and chair of the North Mason Voice, vice chair for Habitat For Humanity, Mason County Economic Council, WPPA Legislative Committee, North Mason Chamber of Commerce, Mason County TIP-CAP Committee, PNW Salmon Center Board, Cancer Crusaders, North Mason Kiwanis, NM Pee Wee”s, ACA Business Committee, North Mason School District Committee’s including Budget, Curriculum, Facilities, Bond & Levy, Athletics and Council of Key Communicators.

Randy Netherlin is a family man, a business man and a life long resident with a plan for the future. He’ll restore trust with open and transparent government. He’ll work to grow our local economy with more jobs thus eliminating the need for new taxes. He wants to open up the Shelton and the Belfair UGAs fueling that development with a better educated work force using educational resources now in place. Encourage more on the job training and where ever possible partner with the private sector to encourage more family wage jobs.

Randy Netherlin’s proven leadership will make a difference . He listens and responds to public concerns. He believes we desperately need more Mason County deputies and will work with the Sheriff to better protect our families and our businesses.

Don’t be fooled by the other candidate who’s spent most of his life abroad and is a Denny come lately to our community. Randy Netherlin is the local problem solver with the experience to RESTORE THE TRUST in Mason County government.

Bob Harris, Belfair