Official Election Results

The Primary Election was certified Tuesday morning. The following are official election results. The top two candidates in each race will face off in November.


Denny Hamilton and Randy Neatherlin are the top two candidates for Mason County Commissioner District 1.

Randy Neatherlin (States No Party Preference)   1,893 votes       32%

Travis Couture (Prefers Republican Party)           1,636 votes       27.66%

Doug Ellingson (Prefers Independent Party)           399 votes        6.75%

Denny Hamilton(Prefers Democratic Party)          1,987 votes        33.59%


Tim Sheldon and Roslyn Reed will face each other for Mason County Commissioner District 2.

Randy C Churchill (Prefers Republican Party)        909 votes        17.97%

Tim Sheldon(Prefers Democratic Party)               1,487 votes        29.4%

Mark Core(Prefers Republican Party)                     936 votes        18.51%

Frank Benavente(Prefers Independent Party)         269 votes        5.32%

Roslynne Reed(Prefers Democratic Party)         1,457 votes        28.81%


Ross Gallagher and Terri Jefferies are the candidates for Mason County Commissioner District 3.

Ross Gallagher(Prefers Democratic Party)           1,599 votes        37.11%

Darrel Andrews(States No Party Preference)           829 votes        19.24%

Curtis Bennett(States No Party Preference)             810 votes        18.8%

Terri Jeffreys(Prefers Independent Party)               1,071 votes        24.85%


In the 35th District State Representative Position 2 race, Drew MacEwen and Lynda Ring-Erickson are the top two candidates.

Lynda Ring-Erickson (Prefers Democratic Party)    9,265 votes        27.95%

Drew C. MacEwen (Prefers Republican Party)      14,088 votes        42.5%

Jeff Davis (Prefers Democratic Party)                      7,788 votes        23.49%

Glenn H. Gaither (Prefers Independent Party)          2,009 votes        6.06%


In the race for 35th District State Representative Position 2, the candidates are Kathy Haigh and Dan Griffey. Here are the primary numbers for that race:

Kathy Haigh(Prefers Democratic Party)         17,653 votes        52.46%

Dan Griffey(Prefers Republican Party)           15,999 votes        47.54%


For Mason County Public Utility District No. 1, Commissioner District 3, Jack Janda will meet Willie Pierce in the General Election.

Willie Pierce                           124 votes                       27.13%

Johnny H. (Jack) Janda          271 votes                       59.3%

Lauren (Mike) Danforth            62 votes                       13.57%


The Grapeview School District’s Maintenance and Operations Levy passed:

YES       608 votes          60.74%

NO         393 votes         39.26%


The turnout in Mason County was 47.29%.