Tribal Canoe Journey Landing In Puget Sound

This year’s Tribal Canoe Journey will be hosted by the Squaxin Island Tribe and a record number of canoes will be landing in the Puget Sound this month. For centuries, the waters of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) were the highways of the native people and the canoe was their way of travel. Tribes used the canoe to help them gather the bounty of the Inland sea and allowed them to journey to celebrate and share their stories. However, the canoe way began to vanish. In 1989, a resurgence of this culture began with the “Paddle to Seattle” for Washington’s Centennial and it has been growing since.

The Landing will take place on July 29th at North Point in Olympia (between the studios of KGY Radio and the Swantown Marina) and will include the traditional ceremony to welcome ashore each Canoe Family who has made the journey.

The landing will be followed by a week-long Potlatch Protocol Celebration at the home of the Squaxin Island Tribe at Kamilche July 30th to August 5th. This will include dancing, drumming and sharing of stories by visiting tribes in their full regalia. The public is invited to witness the landing and other events. For more information to go Volunteer are also needed for this event. Information on volunteering is also available on