Final Election Filings; Ballot Order Set

Friday was the last day of candidate filing for this fall’s election and two more jumped into the races for Mason County Commissioners bringing the total number of candidates for the three seats to 13. Frank Benavente filed for Mason County Commissioner District 2 as an Independent bringing the number of candidates for that race to 5. And Doug Ellingson filed as an Independent for Mason County Commissioner District 1, bringing the number of candidates for that race to 4. After filing period ended, Election Officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office drew lots to set the place of each candidate on the Primary Ballot.

Each number drawn corresponds with the order a candidate filed. The numbers were drawn in the following order: 3, 2, 4, 5, 1. This means that the third candidate to file will appear first on the ballot; the second to file will appear second; the fourth to file will appear third; the fifth to file will be fourth on the ballot and the first to file will be last.

Here is how the candidates for Mason County Commissioner District 1 will appear on the ballot:

Randy Neatherlin (States No Party Preference)

Travis Couture (Prefers Republican Party)

Doug Ellingson (Prefers Independent Party)

Denny Hamilton (Prefers Democratic Party)

This is how the candidates will appear for Mason County Commissioner District 2:

Randy C Churchill (Prefers Republican Party)

Tim Sheldon (Prefers Democratic Party)

Mark Core (Prefers Republican Party)

Frank Benavente (Prefers Independent Party)

Roslynne Reed (Prefers Democratic Party)

And the ballot for Mason County Commissioner District 3 will look like this:

Ross Gallagher (Prefers Democratic Party)

Darrel Andrews (States No Party Preference)

Curtis Bennett (States No Party Preference)

Terri Jeffreys (Prefers Independent Party)

The lot draw also determines the order for the nonpartisan elections this fall as three filed for Mason County PUD No. 1 Commissioner District 3. That race will appear on the Primary Ballot in this order:

Willie Pierce

Johnny H. (Jack) Janda

Lauren (Mike) Danforth

The other positions up for election this fall only had one person file. They are Bruce E Jorgenson for Public Utility Dist 3 Commissioner District 3, Amber L Finlay for Mason Superior Court Judge Position 1, and Toni A. Sheldon for Mason Superior Court Judge Position 2.

Here is the final list of candidates for 35th District State Representative Position 1: Allyn Republican Dan Griffey and incumbent Shelton Democrat Kathy Haigh.

There are four seeking 35th District State Representative Position 2 – the seat currently held by Fred Finn who is not seeking re-election: Drew C. MacEwen, Republican from Union; Lynda Ring-Erickson, Democratic from Shelton; Glenn H. Gaither, Independent from Hoodsport; and Jeff Davis, Democratic from Belfair.

Other races of interest…

U.S. Senator: Chuck Jackson, Republican from Snohomish; Michael Baumgartner, Republican from Kirkland; Maria Cantwell, incumbent Democrat; Art Coday, Republican from Shoreline; Mike the Mover, Republican from Mill Creek; Glen (Stocky) R. Stockwell, Republican from Ritzville; Will Baker, Reform Party from Tacoma; and Timmy (Doc) Wilson, Democratic from Seattle.

Congressional District 6, U.S. Representative (the seat being vacated by Norm Dicks): Derek Kilmer, Gig Harbor Democrat; Jesse Young, Tacoma Republican; David (Ike) Eichner, Tacoma Republican; Bill Driscoll, Tacoma Republican; Doug Cloud, Tacoma Republican; Stephan Andrew Brodhead, Tacoma Republican; and Eric G. Arentz Jr., Tacoma Independent.

For the new Congressional District 10, U.S. Representative: Richard (Dick) Muri, Tacoma Republican; Stan Flemming, Lakewood Republican; Steve Hannon, No Party Preference from Yelm; Denny Heck, Olympia Democrat; Sue Gunn, Progressive Independent Party from Olympia; and Jennifer Ferguson, Lakewood Democrat.

Governor: Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic Party); Rob Hill(Prefers Democratic Party); L. Dale Sorgen (Prefers Independent Party); Shahram Hadian (Prefers Republican Party); Javier O. Lopez (Prefers Republican Party); Max Sampson (Prefers Republican Party); Rob McKenna (Prefers Republican Party); James White (Prefers Independent Party); and Christian Joubert (States No Party Preference).

Lt. Governor: Brad Owen (Prefers Democrat Party); Glenn Anderson (Prefers Indep Republican Party); Bill Finkbeiner (Prefers Republican Party); James Robert Deal (States No Party Preference); Mark Greene (Prefers Democracy Indep. Party); Dave T. Sumner IV (Prefers Neopopulist Party);

Secretary of State: Sam Wright (Prefers The Human Rights Party); Jim Kastama (Prefers Democratic Party); Kathleen Drew (Prefers Democratic Party); Karen Murray (Prefers Constitution Party); Greg Nickels (Prefers Democratic Party); Kim Wyman (Prefers Republican Party); and David J. Anderson (States No Party Preference).

State Treasurer: Jim McIntire (Prefers Democratic Party)

State Auditor: James Watkins (Prefers Republican Party); Troy Kelley (Prefers Democratic Party); Craig Pridemore (Prefers Democratic Party); and Mark Miloscia (Prefers Democratic Party).

Attorney General: Reagan Dunn (Prefers Republican Party); Bob Ferguson (Prefers Democratic Party); and Stephen Pidgeon (Prefers Republican Party).

Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter J. Goldmark (Prefers Democratic Party); Stephen A. Sharon (States No Party Preference); and Clint Didier (Prefers Republican Party).

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy I. Dorn, James Bauckman, John Patterson Blair, Don Hansler, and Ronald L. (Ron) Higgins.

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler (Prefers Democratic Party); John R. Adams (Prefers Republican Party); Brian C. Berend (Prefers Independent Party); and Scott Reilly (Prefers Republican Party).

Supreme Court, Justice Position 2: Susan Owens from Olympia; Douglas W. McQuaid from Seattle; and Scott Stafne from Seattle.

Supreme Court, Justice Position 8: Steve Gonzalez from Seattle and Bruce O. Danielson from Port Orchard.

Supreme Court, Justice Position 9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud from Seattle; Bruce Hilyer from Seattle; John W. Ladenburg from Seattle; and Richard B. Sanders from Olympia.

Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 2, Judge Position 2: Pamela (Pam) Loginsky from Port Orchard; Thomas Bjorgen from Olympia; Michael Lynch from Tumwater; Thomas (Tom) E. Weaver, Jr. from South Colby; Jim Foley from Olympia; and Brendan Williams from Olympia.

The Secretary of State’s Office will be determining ballot name placement for these candidates shortly.

The Primary Election is August 7th. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters on July 20th.