Senate hears Fair Start for Kids Act

A key Senate committee heard testimony Monday on legislation designed to revamp childcare in Washington. Dan Frizzell from the House Democratic Caucus has more.

As Representative Tana Senn sees it, no matter what steps Washington takes to climb out of the year-long economic trough gouged by the pandemic, ultimately that recovery is going to depend on the availability and quality and affordability of one thing: childcare. To make that happen she introduced the Fair Start for Kids Act, which has made it through the House and had a public hearing in the Senate Monday afternoon. Senn, a Democrat from Mercer Island who chairs the House Committee on Children, Youth, and Families, told senators why she sees childcare as the key.

SENN: “Whether we’re talking about just generic economic recovery, about mental health because mental health providers need childcare, about transportation or manufacturing, those employees need childcare. Teachers, who can’t go back to school because need that care. So it’s really just front and center for economic recovery.”

The Fair Start for Kids Act faces an April 11 deadline for Senate approval to have a chance of becoming law this year. That’s two weeks to the day before the Legislature adjourns till next January. At the state Capitol, Dan Frizzell.