Watch Shelton Football at Klahowya

[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the Shelton football team play their second road game of the season at Klahowya. Kickoff is 1 PM. Dedrick Allan and Gerry Apple will start the pregame at 12:30 PM.

The ‘Climbers are 1-and-2 on the season and are coming off a 63 to 16 loss at Bremerton. The Eagles are 1-and-1 after beating North Mason last Friday 13 to 7. The JV game has been canceled.

Please Note: This broadcast relies on mobile/cellular broadband connection as wired or Wi-Fi connections are not available. Failure of connection or slow speeds due to limited or poor cellular signal may cause buffering, interruptions and/or poor picture quality.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If there is a failure, MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will post a complete video as soon as possible. If there is a failure check the MasonWebTV Facebook page and YouTube channel as a new video stream will start once a connection is re-established.  

Here are the teams’ rosters:

#Shelton HighclimbersPos.Gr.Ht.Wt.
2Ramando ArmstrongLBSr.6’1″200
3Christian LopezWRSr.6’0″196
4Donovan Wood-RickerFSSr.6’2″165
5Danny Mendiola-LopezQBSr.5’11”160
7Metai LeisamDBJr.6’3″180
8Conner GilmanQBFr.6’0″178
9Mason GoosQBSo.6’1″169
10Dante Trikoff (Try-Coff)WRSo.5’11”170
11Estefen CarradaWRSr.5’7″159
13Oscar Archambault Jr.WRFr.5’7″140
14Lukas Szalonek (Sal-oh-nic)WRSo.6’2″170
15Gavin Nielsen-RickerDBSo.6’2″155
17Leighton GoodingDBSo.5’8″143
19Kobe VindWRSr.5’9″140
20Gavin GouldRBSr.5’10”164
21Hunter Bourgault (bor-go)WR,K,PSr.5’9″162
22Bradley EletonDBSo.5’11”182
23Phenix Oleachea (Oh-Lee-ah-Chee-ah)DBFr.5’5″149
24Logan PeachDBFr.5’7″140
25Jaron SatoriDBJr.5’9″153
26Josiah OlelsRBSr.5’10”155
27Colton FiskRBFr.5’9″149
28Dominic DixsonRBJr.5’8″174
29Mason ShirmanDBSr.6’0″180
30Bradley Haskins Jr.RBJr.5’9″175
31Traytin YoungerWRJr.5’11”147
32Blaze Tabafunda (tah-be-fun-dah)DBJr.5’9″165
33Gabe MenefeeDBFr.6’0″169
34Jeysen CastendaDBFr.5’8″144
35Ethan YarbroughDBSr.5’10”171
36Ashton CootsDLSr.6’0″165
37Cameron Huisingh (Wee-Sing)WRFr.5’9″153
44Zach SpeaksLBSr.6’2″205
49Ryan Mackiewicz (Mac-cue-vics)LBJr.6’0″191
50Carter WhitneyLBSo.5’9″180
51Krillin HartsellDLFr.6’1″171
52Colby SmithLBJr.5’11”237
53Trevor RodebackOLFr.5’11”0
54Bradley TillerLBSo.5’11”224
55Logan WestOLSo.6’1″259
56Aiden UnderbergDLFr.5’9″205
57Jack ClementsOLJr.6’0″218
58Christian CruzDLFr.5’8″182
58Michael MilletteOLFr.5’7″205
59Jerome GouleyOLFr.5’9″204
61Ryan SolanoDLSo.6’1″274
62Sebastian EngelOLSr.6’4″274
63Ian WilsbachOLSo.6’2″210
65Mario Boxley So.5’10”215
66Jason DelaneyOLFr.5’8″200
68Christian CruzDLFr.5’8″182
69Jayden ElloitOLJr.6’4″254
70Daniel Tausa (Chah-Zah)DLSo.6’2″278
72Javier Martinez-StrattonDLFr.6’1″340
74Brayden MooreOLFr.6’2″320
75Blaze AndrewsDLSo.6’1″249
76Anthony WarrenOLFr.6’2″227
77John Michael EscobedoDLJr.6’3″296
80Hunter GreenWRJr.5’9″165
81Nathan Daymude IIDBFr.5’11”170
84Antonio AndersonTESo.6’1″211
85Chase BurfiendTESr.6’4″240
87Omar ZepedaWRFr.6’0″164
88Kyle McgregorTESr.6’5″284
89Roy PerezTEFr.6’2″205
99Austin SteeleDLSr.5’11”246
#Klahowya EaglesPOS.Yr.
1Michael DivanoP-KSo.
2Nate TurkRB-OLBFr.
3Damon ClarkeQB-LBJr.
4Grant SolvieWR-CBFr.
8Blake SolvieWR-DBSr.
9Phillip PowellQB-DBFr.
10Ellias MendezWR-CBJr.
13Logan WallisRB-LBJr.
15Benjamin WaltersWR-DBSr.
16Jake ManavieWR-LBSr.
18Manny BigBeaverWR-DBSo.
19Brandon WilliamsonWR-CBSr.
20Jack KealohaRB-OLBFr.
23Kasey MajorRB-LBSr.
24Hunter WallisRB-LBSr.
28Chase TilzerWR-OLBFr.
34Anthony HernandezRB-SSSr.
50Franklin MorganC-NFr.
51Dylan ChandlerG-DESr.
52Cannon LeifesteT-DEJr.
54Gavin MarksG-LBSr.
56Jah OsburnG-LBJr.
61Carter RickabaughT-DEFr.
66Alex DevineT-LBSo.
67Devin SmithT-NJr.
68Aaron JacobsenG-NJr.
75Matthew StricklandC-DESr.
79Randy TaylorG-NSr.
81Owen WoodRB-OLBFr.
82Quinten StewartWR-DESo.
85Nate HaydenWR-CBFr.
88Micah MeehamWR-CBFr.
89Dylan McCoombsWR-DESo.