MacEwen Bills Providing Liquor License Flexibility Pass Committee

Two bills sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen aimed at providing flexibility for liquor licensees have been approved by the House Commerce and Gaming Committee.

House Bill 1011 would extend the expiration date of certain liquor licenses. Renewal fees for these licenses, which can range into the thousands of dollars, would not be due until May 31, 2022.

House Bill 1480 would extend through July 1, 2023 a number of curbside, takeout and delivery privileges granted to liquor licensees as a way to mitigate the impact of Gov. Jay Inslee’s shutdown orders.

MacEwen, R-Union, who serves as the ranking Republican on the House Commerce and Gaming Committee, says both bills would help struggling businesses stay afloat as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“The governor’s shutdown orders have created tremendous financial hardship for thousands of leisure and hospitality businesses across our state. Many of these businesses cannot afford to hang on much longer, which is why it’s so important we pass these two bills,” said MacEwen. “Delaying the collection of liquor license renewal fees and extending curbside, takeout and delivery privileges would provide much-needed support and flexibility for licensees struggling with cash flow. I urge the House to move quickly so we can get these bills to the governor’s desk and help our businesses keep their doors open.”

House Bills 1011 and 1480 have been referred to the House Appropriations Committee.