MTA Offers Fare-Free Rides

Mason Transit Dial-A-Ride offers all county residents safe, fare-free rides from door to destination throughout Mason County.

“We want residents to know Dial-A-Ride is free, open to all residents, and that we are being very careful with mask and distancing protocols to keep riders safe,” said Danette Brannin, Mason Transit Authority general manager.

Dial-A-Ride uses accessible 14-16 passenger shuttle vans, currently allowing no more than four passengers to ensure safe social distancing. Masks are required and provided if a rider does not have one.

The service is an on-demand ride share. Users call and schedule rides in advance. The shuttle typically picks up several people before delivering them to their destinations. Reservation requests can be made on the same day, or up to two weeks in advance.

“Dial-A-Ride is meant for people who need that door to destination service or who are going somewhere not along a regular bus route,” Brannin said. “We help people get to appointments, job interviews and shopping. You name it and we’ll take you there as long as it is in Mason County and our shuttles can safely get there.”

For more information or to schedule a Dial-A-Ride, call 360-427-5033 or go to

Last year, Mason Transit provided 42,438 Dial-A-Rides to county residents.