City Update on Proposed Workforce Housing Development

A vote by the Shelton City Council regarding consideration of the development agreement between the City of Shelton and Equity Plus, LLC will not take place at the January 19 City Council meeting.  However, an item for discussion is included on the Business agenda and the public is invited to comment. 

Discussion of the proposed development agreement first occurred at the January 5 Council meeting. Upon receiving community feedback, the City has decided to extend the timeline to consider the development agreement.

Equity Plus staff will provide a presentation on the proposed development at the February 2 Council meeting.  The City will also conduct a survey on Open Town Hall, our newest civic engagement tool.

All City Council regular meetings are open to the public. Members of the public can access each meeting’s Zoom link on the City’s webpage (expand the year menu, then click on the “More” hyperlink on the right next to the preferred meeting). Members of the public can also provide public comment during a Council meeting either by sending an email to, by phone to (360) 432-5105 or by using the “Raise Hand” Zoom feature during a meeting. All Council meetings are also livestreamed by MasonWebTV Powered by HCC, and recordings of each meeting are available on the City’s YouTube channel.

Next Steps in the Development Process

Following a February 2 presentation from Equity Plus on a possible workforce housing development, Council will be conducting the next three steps in the development process during March and April.

First, the Council will consider whether or not to declare the site as surplus property. Next, Council will also consider a purchase/sale agreement for the site. Council will then consider adoption of the development agreement.  All three items for consideration may take place at the same Council meeting, and opportunities for public comment will be available at each of these steps.

If Council votes to adopt the development agreement, the developer will then discuss potential impacts and impact mitigation with different service providers, such as the PUD and the City. Once these discussions are completed, the developer will submit a plan to the City for review by staff. Over the following 60-90 days, City staff will review the plan and determine whether it complies with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Once the City’s review has finished, a hearing will be scheduled with a Hearings Examiner. A Hearings Examiner is, in essence, an administrative law judge. Public comment will also be available at this step in the process. The Hearings Examiner typically releases their decision within 2-3 weeks after the hearing. If the Hearings Examiner approves the project, that approval will also include certain conditions that the developer must agree to for the development to proceed.

At this point, the developer will need to submit and pay for various permits from the City in order to clear and excavate, construct public infrastructure, construct public amenities, and create individual building lots. Once these permits have been issued, the developer can begin construction.

This timeline and other project updates will be available on the City’s website as the process continues.