Washington State Patrol is Hiring

In a time of economic uncertainty, unpredictable layoffs, record unemployment, and Covid-impacted shifts in career planning, WSP will be hiring 60 new Trooper Cadets and 24 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers (CVEO) in the next six months and invites interested individuals to apply.

Both Trooper and CVEO positions are high paying with excellent benefits and just as importantly, daily opportunities to serve the public and make a difference during these difficult times. WSP’s next Trooper Academy class starts on July 12th and paid job-training opportunities across the state are available immediately for those chosen be a part of WSP.

To find out more, to contact a recruiter, or to apply go to www.wsp.wa.gov.

WSP offers paid training and educational opportunities as well as exceptional opportunities for advancement and specialization according to Sergeant Rob Ellis, head of the agency’s recruiting and testing unit. “After receiving some of the best law enforcement training in the country and serving on the road for an appropriate amount of time, our people can become pilots, demolition experts, detectives, motorcycle specialists, and serve on specialized units in cybercrime, executive protection, organizational leadership, public relations and many other fields. Quite literally the sky is the limit and all the while you are helping to keep our state secure, our people safe, and our economy moving. It’s been a wonderful experience for me, for sure.”

“This is an excellent time for those interested in a secure, well compensated, exciting and high impact career to join the Patrol,” said WSP Chief John Batiste. He added, “We want motivated individuals of good character to see WSP as an opportunity for respectful service to their communities and to make a powerful difference in the futures of our state and nation. We cherish and welcome diversity as we serve all and give our all in everything we do. The pandemic made 2020 a tough year for everyone, but 2021 is here and WSP is moving forward at full speed.”

Batiste concluded, “This year also marks our centennial year – A Century of Service – And how exciting is it to be a part of future leadership in the post-Covid world. We are committed to making the next 100 years a Century of Opportunity for all! Join us!”