No Property Tax Increase in Mason County

[VIDEO] The Mason County Commission decided NOT to take the allowed one percent increase in property taxes for 2021.

The Commission passed resolutions Tuesday that increase the 2021 Current Expense Property Tax Levy and the 2021 Road Property Tax Levy by zero percent (0%). The Current Expense levy was set at $10,466,495.61 while the Road Levy was set at $11,208,298.03. The Commissioners also approved a $1,080,000 diversion of the Road Levy and a $1,080,000 Levy Shift to Current Expense.

A public hearing on the County’s 2021 budget is set for 9 AM Monday, December 7, 2020. The proposed Current Expense Budget for next year totals $53,464.511. This includes more than $14.5 Million for the Sheriff’s Office ,nearly $4.9 Million in Non Departmental, $2.7 Million for Community Development, and over $2 Million for Juvenile Court Services.

The County’s proposed 2021 budget for Special and Other Funds totals $72,388,976 which includes over $29 Million for County Roads, more than $5 Million for the landfill, and $4.8 Million for the Belfair Sewer.

Copies of the budget are available on the County’s website:

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