City Adopts 2021 Budget

[VIDEO] The Shelton City Council adopted the City’s budget for 2021 this week. The budget for next year totals $31,719,550 with a General Fund appropriation of $12,283,920.

The Council also approved the allowed 1 percent increase in property taxes to be collected in 2021 with the passage of resolutions declaring a substantial need under RCW 84.55.0101.

Property tax collections are allowed to increase by the Implicit Price Deflator (IPD) or 1 percent, which ever is lower. The IPD for calculating the increase on 2020 property tax collections is 0.6%. When the IPD is under 1 percent, RCW 8.55.0101 allows taxing districts to collect up to the statutory 1 percent maximum if the City Council approves legislation finding a substantial need. The Shelton City Commission passed the necessary resolutions to increase property taxes for the City’s regular and EMS Ad Valorem Taxes.

The Shelton Metropolitan Park District (SMPD) board – which is made up of the Shelton City Council – took similar action prior to adopting its 2021 budget on Tuesday. The 2021 SMPD budget totals $773,250 and includes $216,000 of needed park capital and major maintenance activities.

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