Watch Mason County Commission

[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the Mason County Commission October 19, 2020 briefings and 2021 budget workshops. Commissioners and staff are meeting via Zoom video conferencing. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC is providing a live video streams of those Zoom meetings.

Briefings begin at 9 AM (schedule subject to change):

9:00 A.M. Support Services – Frank Pinter
9:30 A.M. Community Services/Support Services – Dave Windom/Frank Pinter – Discussion of Housing Authority
9:50 A.M. Community Services – Dave Windom
10:20 A.M. Economic Development Council – Jennifer Baria
10:45 A.M. Mason Transit Authority- Danette Brannin
10:50 A.M. Public Works – Loretta Swanson – Utilities & Waste Management

Budget Workshops start at 2 PM (schedule subject to change):

2 PM Community Development – Dave Windom
2:30 PM Support Services – Frank Pinter
3 PM Public Works/Utilities – Loretta Swanson
4 PM Review of 2021 budget requests to date

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