Op/Ed by Ken VanBuskirk: Follow the money!

I am disappointed to see that the local paper and mason web tv have printed such incredibly libelous opinions against County Commissioner candidate Ted Jackson insinuating that he is somehow involved with a “mob” or some sort of “ mob rule” conspiracy theory.

After an exemplary career in law enforcement, Mr. Jackson has the endorsement of the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs organization as well as Mason County Sheriff Salisbury!

Many Hood Canal community members are also disappointed to learn that the Shelton Chamber of Commerce and the North Mason Chamber of Commerce failed to ask Commissioner Neatherlin the requested hard questions for the prerecorded debate scheduled to be aired on October 8.
Vital issues that need to be addressed involve the litigation surrounding the Grump Gravel pit on the Hood Canal and the potential liability to the County of $50,000,000! The County previously paid $30,000 to resolve a public records act lawsuit because the County failed to produce the requested GRUMP file that Commissioner Neatherlin hid at home for 2 &1/2 years.

How much more are taxpayers going to pay for Commission Neatherlin’s errors and omissions?

This County needs Mr. Jackson! A candidate committed to open and transparent governance, integrity and accountability who will serve the community “full time”.

Please join me in voting for Ted Jackson for Mason County Commissioner.

Thank you,

Ken VanBuskirk, Belfair