Op/Ed by Brian Peterson: Commissioner Choice Is Easy

When it comes to this year’s selection of County Commissioner, the choice is clear; keep this effective incumbent, Randy Neatherlin! With all due respect to others who have served before, I have NEVER seen a more effective, more dedicated and engaged public servant in the 42 years I’ve lived in Mason County. Randy exemplifies what an elected should be, a constant advocate for his county and all of his constituents.

Randy’s passion for Mason County pours from his soul. He is out there working his contacts with other electeds, from either side of the aisle, friendships he’s built from Senators and Representatives to surrounding commissioners and mayors in order to gain support for projects that positively impact Mason County. This type of experience and these type of beneficial relationships he’s built over time continue to benefit this county at every turn.

Keep the guy we have, he’s the one with passion! Keep the guy who is accessible and dedicated to his constituents any time, day and night. Keep the incumbent who knows the meaning of service, Commissioner Randy Neatherlin.

Dr. Brian Peterson, Belfair