Op/Ed by Tom Davis: Give your Write-In Vote a Voice

Barring a direct hit from an asteroid, Kevin Shutty will be a Mason County Commissioner for another four years. But it won’t be Mr. Shutty’s failure to lead, budget manipulations or lack of business acumen that ascend him to a second term; it will be because he’s running unopposed.

So what’s a voter to do if they don’t want to cast a ballot for an unchallenged incumbent? Typically, they leave that box empty or write in the name of a cartoon character, their dog or maybe their mother-in-law. But there’s no escaping the fact that what they’re really doing is throwing their vote away.

Why waste your vote when you can use it to support quality of life issues, like government accountability; public and environmental health; a fair and equitable taxing system and less costly, more effective criminal justice system- improvements I’ve been advocating at commission meetings for over a decade.

Let me be clear, I’m not a candidate for any public office nor will I be registering as a write-in candidate. What I am is an outspoken citizen-advocate for better government who tries to bring focus, context and history to local issues under discussion or not being reported in the local media.

So, if you want your vote to count for something but don’t want to vote for the unchallenged incumbent, write in my name, Tom Davis, for Mason County Commissioner District #2 and give your write-in vote a voice. The power of the people does not lie in their silence, but in their raised voices.

Tom Davis, Shelton