COVID-19 Outbreak at Fir Lane

More information has been released on the COVID-19 outbreak at a Long-Term Care Facility in Shelton. A news release from Mason County Public Health identifies the facility as Fir Lane Health & Rehabilitation and says the outbreak was identified in September.

At last report, there were 47 cases and two deaths directly related to this outbreak. Of those 47 cases, 28 are residents and 19 are employees. The news release says, “All necessary actions to test, contact trace, quarantine, and isolate, as appropriate are being done. Testing is done weekly throughout the facility including residents and employees.”

Mason County Public Health, the Washington State Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services, the Department of Labor & Industries and Fir Lane staff are working together to quickly identify possible positives to reduce the spread of this virus and control the outbreak.

Residents and their families have been notified of the outbreak and the additional precautions are being taken including broader use of PPE, enhanced symptom screening for employees, comprehensive testing for staff and residents, and more proactive notification of affected individuals and family members.

The news release also says this outbreak is a “good reminder that community transmission is still happening, and we need to take precautions to prevent exposure.”

Additional updates on the outbreak will be included in the Health Department’s daily updates.

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