Green Diamond Talks 800/808 Road

[AUDIO] This week, the Mason County Commission discussed options for the 100 or so residents of the upper Skokomish Valley if flood water forces the closure of Skokomish Valley Road. In the past, resident were able to use Green Diamond Resource Company’s 800/808 route to travel through Green Diamond forestland from the Valley to Shelton Matlock Road. However, Green Diamond no longer allows the general public access to that route. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC’s Dedrick Allan spoke with Patti Case, Public Affairs Manager for Green Diamond Resource Company, about the road, the County’s briefing and the company’s reasons for closing the road.

During the interview, Ms. Case said Green Diamond was open to continuing to discuss the future use of the 800/808 route but repeatedly pointed out that the main issues are the public’s use of private road, liability and maintenance.

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