What To Do If You Can’t Get Out In a House Fire

The State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) reminds residents that getting out quickly in the event of a fire is the most effective way to prevent injuries and deaths. The SFMO recommends residents to:

  • Be sure that you have operable smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and in the hallways on each floor of your home. 
  • Plan and practice a home fire escape plan. Be sure everyone has two ways out of each room. Include in the plan methods for exiting rooms above or below ground level, and for assisting household members who may have physical limitations. 

If you can’t get out:

  • Cover gaps around the door with rolled up clothing, blankets, towels, or sheets.
  • If possible, call 911 to let them know where you are in the home.
  • Hang a sheet outside the window, but keep window closed to prevent drawing in smoke from outside the room.
  • Shine a light or flashlight out the window to get attention of rescuers.
  • Stay low in the room to avoid heat and toxic smoke.