No Mason County Commission Meetings Until Aug. 24th

There are no scheduled public meetings for the Mason County Commission this week or next. The Commissioners’ current schedule for the period August 10, 2020 through August 21, 2020 shows an executive session at 9 AM Monday, August 10th on potential litigation, the daily COVID-19 Coordinators Briefings at Public Work at 8 AM and Zoom meetings on Coronavirus Relief Funding by the Washington State Association of Counties at noon. Executive session are NOT open to the public and the other meetings are being noticed as special meetings because a quorum of the Mason County Commission may attend.

The next public briefing for the Mason County Commission is set for 9 AM, Monday, August 24, 2020 and the next business meeting is set for 9 AM, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

The Commissioners can call a special public meeting if necessary which will be announced and streamed live by MasonWebTV Powered by HCC.

One thought on “No Mason County Commission Meetings Until Aug. 24th”

  1. In one fell swoop Mason county Commissioners have weaponized a public health crisis by using COVID-19 to reduce by half the number of regularly scheduled monthly commission meetings designed to keep the public informed, as well as provide opportunities for public comment. And they did it with no prior notification, no due process and no public input. These are the same elected officials that resisted social distancing and the wearing of masks for months, setting a dangerous example for citizens. And now they are using the crises as an excuse to further limit public participation in an election year.

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