No Significant Changes in Election Results

There were no significant changes in the latest Primary Election results after more ballots were processed and counted Wednesday with incubments still leading and fire district measures still passing.

The closest race in Mason County is still Mason County Fire District 16’s Emergency Medical Services Levy. Now there is a two-vote difference with 516 voting “Yes” and 514 voting “No.”

The merger of Mason County Fire District 1 into Mason County Fire District 18 is still passing with 79 percent approval. That 237 voting in favor and 63 voting against.

The approval of Mason County Fire District 4’s EMS Levy increase to 57.98 percent. Now 1,409 are voting “Yes” and 1,021 are voting “No.”

The North Mason Regional Fire Authority’s Emergency Medical Services Levy also picked up a few votes and is now passing with 69.86 percent approval. That’s 2,427 voting “Yes” and 1,047 voting “No.”

In the race for Mason County Commissioner District No. 1, incumbent Randy Neatherlin’s lead on Ted Jackson is now 700 votes. Neatherlin has 3,992 votes (54.25%) to Jackson’s 2,292 votes (44.74%). There are 74 write-in votes in this race accounting for the remaining 1.01 percent.

Kevin Shutty is running unopposed for Mason County Commissioner District No. 2. The results from the Primary now show 3,907 voting for the incumbent and 362 write-ins.

Moving to the 35th Legislative District, incumbent Republican Drew MacEwen now leads with 54.48 percent (19,627 votes) followed by Democrat Darcy Huffman’s 43.18 percent (15,557 votes). The third candidate in the race for State Representative Position 2, Earl W. Burt, now has 2.2 percent (792 votes). MacEwen and Huffman will face off in November.
In the race for 35th District State Representative Position 1, incumbent Republican Dan Griffey now leads Democratic challenger Colton Myers 57.31 percent (20,650 votes) to 42.57 percent (15,341 votes). The two will also be on the General Election Ballot.

The top two candidates in the race for 6th Congressional District U.S. Representative remain incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer (with 48.9 percent) and Republican Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (with 26.08 percent).

Two Democrats lead the race for the open 10th Congressional District U.S. Representative seat: Marily Strickalnd (21.54%) and Beth Doglio (14.54%).

The top two candidates for Governor are incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee (51.36%) and Republican Loren Culp (16.93%)

Democrats Denny Heck (27.23%) and Marko Liias (16.81%) lead the race for Lt. Governor.

Incumbent Republican Kim Wyman (50.71%) will face Democrat Gael Tarleton for Secretary of State.

In the race for State Treasurer, Democrat Mike Pellicciotti (53.58%) leads Republican Duane Davidson (46.31%).

The top two candidates for State Auditor are incumbent Democrat Pat McCarthy (47.81%) and Republican Chris Leyba (41.07%).

Incumbent Democrat Bob Ferguson (56.23%) will face Republican Matt Larkin (23.7%) for Attorney General.

In the race for Commissioner of Public Lands, incumbent Democrat Hilary Franz (51.25%) and Republican Sue Kuehl Pederson (22.51%) will face off in November.

For Superintendent of Public Instruction, it looks like incumbent Chris Reykdal (40.18%) will face Maia Espinoza (24.21%).

And incumbent Democrate Mike Kreidler (59.7%) has a substantial lead on Republican Chirayu Avinash Patel (27.82%) for Insurance Commissioner.

The turnout for this election in Mason County is now just over 47 percent with the statewide turnout at nearly 32 percent. There are over 600,000 ballot still to be counted throughout the state.