Initial Primary Election Results

The initial Primary Election results show incumbents leading their races and fire district measures passing with one currently separated by one vote.

After results were released Tuesday night, Mason County Fire District 16’s Emergency Medical Services Property Tax Levy had 422 voting “Yes” and 421 voting “No.”

The vote to merge Mason County Fire District 1 into Mason County Fire District 18 has 79.04 percent approval with 215 voting for the measure and 57 voting against.

Mason County Fire District 4’s EMS Levy is passing with 57.23 percent approval. That’s 1,120 voting “Yes” and 837 voting “No.”

North Mason Regional Fire Authority’s Emergency Medical Services Levy has a 68.5 percent approval rate with 1,855 voting “Yes” and 853 voting “No.”

In the race for Mason County Commissioner District 1, incumbent Randy Neatherlin received 3,134 votes (54.04%) to Ted Jackson’s 2,600 votes (44.84%) with 65 write-ins and 371 undervotes (voters who didn’t vote for either candidate.) The pair will face off, county-wide in November.

Kevin Shutty is running unopposed for Mason County Commissioner District 2. The results from the Primary show 3,272 voting for the incumbent, 310 write-ins, and 1,349 undervotes.

In the 35th Legislative District, incumbent Republican Drew MacEwen leads with 53.73 percent (16,252 votes) followed by Democrat Darcy Huffman’s 44.02 percent (13,315 votes). The third candidate in the race for State Representative Position 2, Earl W. Burt, received 2.1 percent (636 votes). MacEwen and Huffman will face off in November.
In the race for 35th District State Representative Position 1, incumbent Republican Dan Griffey leads Democratic challenger Colton Myers 56.6 percent (17,108 votes) to 43.27 percent (13,079 votes). The two will also be on the General Election Ballot.

In the race for 6th Congressional District U.S. Representative, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer is leading with 49.51 percent followed by Republican Elizabeth Kreiselmaier with 25.63 percent. The next closest candidate from the four others in the race is Democrat Rebecca Parson with 12.08 percent.

A close race is developing for the open 10th Congressional District U.S. Representative seat. Three Democrats hold the top spots led by Marilyn Strickland with 21.4 percent, followed by Democrat Beth Doglio’s 14.36 percent and Kristine Reeves 13.17 percent. Sitting in fourth place as of 9:30 PM Tuesday, is Republican Rian Ingrim with 10.62 percent of the vote. There are 19 candidates in the race for the seat previously held by Denny Heck.

Moving to statewide results….

Democrat Jay Inslee leads the Governor’s race with 51.89 percent followed by Republican Loren Culp with 16.71 percent. As of 9:30 PM Tuesday, Republican Joshua Freed is third with 7.26 percent just ahead of Tim Eyman who has 7.04 percent. There are 36 candidates in this race.

In the race for the open Lt. Governor race, Democrat Denny Heck is the leader with 27.71 percent, followed by Democrat Marko Liias with 16.6 percent and sitting in third is Republican Ann Davison Sattler with 11.55 percent. There are 11 candidates in this race.

The top two candidates for Secretary of State are incumbent Republican Kim Wyman with 50.2 percent and Democrat Gael Tarleton with 44.65 percent.

For State Treasurer, Democrat Mike Pellicciotti leads Republican Duane A. Davidson 54.05 percent to 45.83 percent.

Incumbent Democrat Pat McCarthy (48.1%) and Republican Chris Leyba (40.7 %) are the leaders for State Auditor.

The leaders for Attorney General are incumbent Democrat Bob Ferguson (56.67%) and Republican Matt Larkin.

For Commissioner of Public Lands, incumbent Democrat Hilary Franz has 51.54 percent followed by Republican Sue Kuehl Pederson’s 21.78 percent.

For the nonpartisan Superintendent of Public Instruction, incumbent Chris Reykdal has 40.26 percent followed by Ron Higgins’ 20.23 percent.

In the race for Insurance Commissioner, incumbent Democrat Mike Kreidler has 60.09 percent followed by Republican Chirayu Avinash Patel’s 27.97 percent.

Elections officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office will count additional ballots Wednesday with updated results expected by 6 PM with an estimated 6,000 ballots still to be counted. Mason County’s turnout is just over 38 percent.

Statewide, there are over 470,000 ballots still to be counted. The turnout currently sits at 27.2 percent.