Another 14 COVID-19 Cases in Mason County

Another 14 Mason County resident have tested positive for the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

A news release dated Wednesday, July 19, 2020 says: “Since the last release (7/28/20), Mason County Public Health was notified of fourteen (14) additional Mason County residents that tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the total to One hundred fifty-six (156) positive cases in Mason County. Mason County Public Health is continuing contact interviews. Many positive cases are within the same family or multi-family household. Mason County is testing at more than twice the rate than during April peak.”

During this week’s Mason County Board of Health meeting, the County’s Health Officer, Dr. Daniel Stein, explained one reason for the recent increase in COVID-19 cases:

According to Lydia Buchheit, Community & Family Health Manager for Mason County Public Health, the virus is making its way through families:

To address the language barrier, Buchheit says, the County is hiring bilingual case investigators:

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, early testing is encouraged. At the earliest signs of symptoms please reach out to the Respiratory Illness Triage line at 360-427-3615. They can assist you in scheduling an appointment at Mason Health’s Drive Thru COVID-19 testing.

Here is the Mason County Board of Health’s July 28, 2020 meeting: