Watch Candidates in the Park

[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the Mason County Republicans Women’s Club and Central Committee’s “Candidates in the Park” event beginning at 11:30 AM. Technical problems with YouTube. Please find this on FaceBook Live.

Candidates in the Park

Mason County Republicans Women's Club and Central Committee Candidates in the Park July 24, 2020.

Posted by MasonWebTV on Friday, July 24, 2020

This live video stream is a paid broadcast presented by the Mason County Republicans Women’s Club and Central Committee.

The event will follow the “Speed Dating” format. Each candidate will give an opening statement and then visit groups of nine or less, answering questions from each group before moving to the next group while maintaining proper social distance.

The candidates expected to appear include Mason County Commissioner District 1 candidate Ted Jackson; 35th Legislative District State Representative Position 2 incumbent Drew MacEwen; 6th Congressional District U.S. Representative candidate Elizabeth Kreiselmaier; Lt. Governor candidate Marty McClendon; candidates for Governor Joshua Freed, Anton Sakharov, Phil Fortunato and Loren Culp; and Attorney General candidates Brett Rogers and Matt Larkin.

Please Note: This broadcast relies on mobile/cellular broadband connection as wired or Wi-Fi connections are not available. Failure of connection or slow speeds due to limited or poor cellular signal may cause buffering, interruptions and/or poor picture quality.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If there is a failure, MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will post a complete video as soon as possible.