Mason County Unemployment Drops in June

Mason County’s unemployment rate dropped in June. Preliminary numbers from Washington Employment Security Department for last month show the County’s unemployment rate was 10.4 percent. That’s down 4.3 percentage points from May’s revised rate of 14.7 percent and closer to the County’s historic average of about 8 percent.

Adjacent counties saw decreases in unemployment rate of around 5 percent. Kitsap County saw a drop of 4.9 percent to 8.3 percent. Thurston County’s June unemployment rate was 9 percent, down 5.2. Jefferson County dropped 5.3 percent to 10.6 percent. Lewis (10.3%) and Pierce (11.5%) counties saw decreases in unemployment of 5.4 percent. And Grays Harbor County showed the largest drop last month of 6.7 percetn to 12.4 percent which is still the highest unemployment rate in the state tied with Ferry County.

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