Watch Mason County Commission

[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the June 23, 2020 Mason County Commission meeting. There are three ways to watch live at 9 AM:, or Mason County’s website ( You can also watch on demand on or Mason County’s website: Rebroadcasts on Hood Canal Communications’ local channel are Thursday at 6 PM, Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 9 AM.

Here is the meeting’s agenda:

Commission Chambers— 9: 00 a. m.
411 North Fifth Street, Shelton WA 98584
June 23, 2020

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
  4. Correspondence and Organizational Business
    4.1 Correspondence
    4.2 News Release: Lewis- Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
  5. Open Forum for Citizen Input
    In response to the COVID- 19 outbreak we are suspending Citizen Input at this time. We will accept public comment via email —; or mail to Commissioners Office, 411 North 5th Street, Shelton, WA 98584; or call 360-427-9670 ext.
  6. We will revisit this suspension on a weekly basis.
  7. Adoption of Agenda
    Items appearing on the agenda after” Item 10. Public Hearings”, may be acted upon before 9:15 a.m.
  8. Approval of Minutes —June 1, 2020 Briefing Minutes
  9. Approval of Action Agenda: All items listed under the” Action Agenda” may be enacted by one motion unless a Commissioner or citizen requests an item be removed from the Action Agenda and considered as a separate item.
    8.1 Approval of a contract between Mason County Public Health and Olympic Health and Recovery Services.
    8.2 Approval of the 2019 Oath of Inventory pursuant to RCW 36.32.210 and Mason County Code Chapter 3.56.
    8.3 Approval to set a public hearing on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 9: 15 a.m. to consider the 2019 Open Space application for Baidha Dominique Wallace.
    8.4 Approval to increase the amount previously granted under the CARES Act to continue funding of an additional contracted custodian staff member to preform precautionary cleaning to Mason County buildings.
    8.5 Approval of a resolution extending the Local Declaration of Mason county as a disaster area for an additional 90 days.
    8.6 Approval of Public Assistance Grant # D20-2053 for Presidential Disaster Declaration 4539- DR- WA (Winter Storm 2020).
    8.7 Approval of a contract for Professional Services between Mason County and Creative Solutions Counseling, effective July 1, 2020 —June 30, 2021.
    8.8 Approval to appoint Pam Volz to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee in a Spender Position replacing Stephanie Rowland for a term ending May 31, 2021.
    8.9 Approval of Warrants & Treasure Electronic Remittances
    Claims Clearing Fund Warrant # 8073006- 8073163 $301, 036. 60
    Direct Deposit Fund Warrant #
    Salary Clearing Fund Warrant #
    8.10 Approval of contract K2293- 202025 between Mason County Public Health and Cascade Pacific Action Alliance for Mason County’s Medicaid Transformation Project.
    8.11 Approval to authorize the Deputy Director/ U&W Manager to purchase and enter into contract with Granich Engineered Products, Inc. for one new pump, including well cleanout and pump installation for the Belfair Water Reclamation Facility, Lift Station No. 1.
    8.12 Approval to authorize the Deputy Director/ U&W Manager to purchase new pumps and electrical system upgrades for Rustlewood Lift Station 3 and enter into a contract with Aqua Tech to complete the project.
    8.13 Approval of the Mason County Commissioner’s 2021 and 2022 Preliminary Budget Guidelines.
    8.14 Approval to suspend certain limitations in County code Chapter 2.88 Meetings of Board of County Commissioners regarding Commissioner participation in commissioner meetings via conference call or video conference and requirement that two commissioners be physically present. This suspension is in effect until July 31, 2020.
    8.15 Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between Mason County, The Mason County Sheriff’s Office, The City of Shelton, The Shelton Police Department, Mason County Prosecutor’s Office, Mason County Public Defender’s Office and Olympia Health and Recovery Services for the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program.
  10. Other Business ( Department Heads and Elected Officials)
  11. 9:15 a. m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time – In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we will accept public comment via email —; or mail to Commissioners Office, 411 North 5th Street, Shelton, WA 98584; or call 360- 427- 9670 ext. 419
  12. Board’ s Reports and Calendar
  13. Adjournment
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