Direct Contact COVID-19 Positive Reported in Mason County

A female in the age category of 0-19 is the latest Mason County resident to test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). According to a news release dated June 9, 2020, this patient is a “direct contact of a previous positive case; we are currently monitoring.” The patient is currently isolating at home and contact interviews are continuing.

The latest positive COVID-19 test brings Mason County’s total cases to 38. However, there are only two active cases in the County with no one hospitalized.

If you are showing symptoms for COVID-19, early testing is encouraged. At the earliest signs of symptoms please reach out to the Respiratory Illness Triage Line at 360-427-3615. They can assist you in scheduling an appointment at Mason Health’s Drive Thru COVID-19 testing.

A “Case Assignment Correction” was included in today’s (June 9, 2020) Daily Information Release. That correction says, “On Sunday, June 7, 2020, Washington State Department of Health (WADOH) posted that Mason County had one new positive test result. Mason County Public Health went to work to verify and discovered this case was incorrectly assigned to our County. WADOH was notified and will remove the case from Mason County and reassign the case to the correct county.”

Due to Mason County being a small community, location data of positive cases will not be released to reduce the possibility of patient identification and to protect personal health information. Identified positive cases are located throughout Mason County. To avoid exposure, continue to follow the guidance of washing hands frequently, stay home, unless essential to work and limit travel to only medical appointments, medication pick up, and once every 2-week grocery shopping needs. This will help limit your exposure possibilities. Mason County Public Health is asking that the public do their part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.