Application Open for NROTC Marine Scholarships

Are your student-athletes seeking college scholarship opportunities?

The Navy ROTC Scholarship with Marine Option program provides students $180,000 in scholarship money while earning commission as an officer upon graduation. Other benefits include full tuition, books, and academic related expenses at over 150 top colleges and universities. Students receive a monthly spending allowance and guaranteed employment for at least four years. Academically, applicants must have a minimum score on one of the below standardized tests. However, there is no minimum grade point average requirement.

  • ACT – 22
  • SAT – 1000
  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test – 74

Physically, applicants must achieve a 175 on the Marine Corps physical fitness test, which consists of a three-mile run, crunches and pull ups. They must also be a United States citizen, between the ages of 17 and 23, and on track to graduate high school.

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps is a multi-year program that runs concurrently with a student’s normal college or university educational course of study. In addition to a normal academic workload leading to a Bachelor’s degree, NROTC students attend classes in Naval Science, participate in unit drill and physical training, and other activities. Students are also taught the leadership principles and high ideals of a military officer.

During the summer break between school years, NROTC students participate in a variety of training courses. These periods of instruction help students understand different career options, as well as familiarize them with a military life. Upon graduation students are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps.