Treasures Thrift and Book Store Closed Due to COVID-19

Mason General Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors announced Friday that Treasures Thrift and Book Store in Downtown Shelton has closed due to the impact of COVID-19.

Treasures Thrift and Book Store in December 2019. Photo by Arla Shephard Bull.

A news release says, “As of May 31, 2020, Treasures Thrift and Book Store in downtown Shelton will no longer be in operation. The building will be under a new name, occupancy and ownership.”

The Foundation’s Board thanked the community, donors and volunteers who supported Treasures over the years.

The Foundation also acknowledged Treasures’ employees for their hard work and loyalty.

The news release ends with, “Thanks to the loyalty of the community, Treasures has supported the provision of quality health care in Mason County through Mason General Hospital Foundation.”

Mason General Hospital Foundation furthers the mission of Public Hospital District No.1 by enhancing the quality of health care enjoyed by patients of Mason County. MGHF provides financial support to Mason Health.