2020 Local Elections Set

After last week’s candidate filing, the 2020 local elections are set with two contested races in Mason County.

For Mason County Commissioner District 1, incumbent Independent Randy Neatherlin is being challenged by Republican Ted Jackson.
Kevin Shutty is running unopposed for Mason County Commissioner District 2.

The other contested race is for Mason PUD 3 Commissioner District 2. Mason Lake resident John Komen is challenging incumbent Tom Farmer. Komen filed for the race less than two hours before the deadline on Friday.

Ron Gold in running unopposed by Mason County PUD No. 1 Commissioner District 2.

The three Mason County Superior Court Judges are running unopposed: Amber Finlay for Position 1: Monty Cobb for Position 2; and Daniel Goodell for Position 3.

The Elections Department in the Mason County Auditor’s office set the ballot order Friday.

Candidate Filing Week Ballot Order Lot Draw

Posted by Mason County WA Auditor on Friday, May 15, 2020

For 35th Legislative District races, Democrat Colton Myers is challenging Republican incumbent Dan Griffey for State Representative Position 1.
There are three in the race for State Representative Position 2: Earl W. Burt (party preference “SHORTSTOP”), Republican incumbent Drew MacEwen, and Democrat Darcy Huffman.

Six are running for 6th Congressional District U.S. Representative. Four Republicans (Elizabeth Kreiselmaier, Chris Welton, Stephan Brodhead and Johny Alberg) and a Democrat Rebecca Parson are challenging incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer.

In the 10th Congressional District, 19 have filed for the U.S. Representative seat being vacated by Denny Heck. Jackson Maynard (R), Todd Buckley (I), Nancy Dailey Slotnick (R), Kristine M. Reeves (D), Joshua Collins (Essential Workers), Rian Ingrim (R), Gordon Allen Pross (R), Richard Boyce (Congress Sucks), Mary Bacon (D), Beth Doglio (D), Don Hewett (R), Phil Gardner (D), Eric LeMay (D), Maryilyn Strickland (D), Dean Johnson (R), Ryan Tate (R), Ralph Johnson (R), Sam Wright (D) and Randolph (Randy) Bell (D).

Statewide Races

Attorney General: Matt Larkin (R), Mike Vaska (GOP), Brett Rogers (R) and Bob Ferguson (D).

Commissioner of Public Lands: Cameron Whitney (R), Steve Sharon (R), Hilary Franz (D), Kelsey Reyes (Libertarian), Maryan Abasbarzy (R), Sue Kuehle Pederson (R), and Frank Wallbrown (D).

Governor: Alex Tsimerman (STANDUPAMERICA), Phil Fortunato (R), Ryan Ryals (UNAFFILIATED), Lisa Thomas (No Party Preference), Leon Anon Lawson (TRUMP REPUBLICAN), Henry Clay Dennison (SOCIALIST WORKERS), Tim Eyman (R), Liz Hallock (GREEN), Goodspaceguy (TRUMP REPUBLICAN), Omari Tahir Garrett (D), Don L Rivers (D), Martin L. ‘Iceman’ Wheeler (R), Raul Garcia (R), Tylor Grow (R), Winston Wilkes (PROPERTARIANIST), Brian R. Weed (No Party Preference), Thor Amundson (I), Gene Hart (D), William (Bill) Miller (AMERICAN PATRIOT), Matthew Murray (R), Dylan B. Nails (I), Cameron M. Vessey (NO PARTY PREFERENCE), David W. Blomstrom (FIFTH REPUBLIC), Anton Sakharov (TRUMP REPUBLICAN), Craig Campbell (No Party Preference), Nate Herzog (PRE2016 REPUBLICAN), Cregan M. Newhouse (No Party Preference), Ian Gonzales (R), Cairo D’Almeida (D), Elaina J. Gonzalez (I), Jay Inslee (D), Joshua Freed (R), David Voltz (CASCADIA LABOUR), Joshua Wolf (NEW-LIBERTY), Loren Culp (R), Richard L. Carpenter (R), and Bill Hirt (R).

Insurance Commissioner: Anthony Welti (Libertarian), Chirayu Avinash Patel (R), and Mike Kreidler (D).

Lt. Governor: Joseph Brumbles (R), Jared Frerichs (Libertarian), Ann Davison Sattler (R), James R Rafferty (D), Marko Liias (D), Matt Seymour (Libertarian), Steve Hobbs (D), Michelle Jasmer (D), Bill Penor (R), Richard (Dick) Muri (R), Denny Heck (D), and Marty McClendon (R).

Secretary of State: Ed Minger (I), Gentry Lange (Progressive), Kim Wyman (R) and Gael Tarleton (D).

State Auditor: Joshua Casey (D), Chris Leyba (R) and Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (D).

State Treasurer: Duane A. Davidson (R) and Mike Pellicciotti (D).

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Ron Higgins, Maia Espinoza, Stan Lippmann, David Spring, Dennis Wick, and Chris Reykdal

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