Man Arrested after Climbing Tree over Goldsborough Creek

A Shelton man was arrested Tuesday after violating a No Contact Order and climbing a tree over Goldsborough Creek in an attempt to avoid arrest.

A news release says the incident started about 7 PM when a patrolling Shelton Police officer observed a 43-year-old Shelton man walking with a woman in the area of South 10th Street and Buena Vista Avenue.

The officer knew that a No Contact Order was in place prohibiting the man from being near the woman. The officer tried to contact the man, but he fled on foot. The officer chased him into the woods by Goldsborough Creek. The man jumped into the high-running creek and attempted to swim away from officers.

Officers and deputies from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office confronted the man on the creek banks, and the suspect climbed onto a partially submerged log that was leaning at a 45-degree angle. The suspect ignored commands to surrender, and climbed 30 to 40 feet up into the tree.

A negotiator was called to the scene after the suspect’s refusal to climb down from the tree. After two and a half hours of negotiation, the suspect surrendered without incident. He was removed from the tree using a Central Mason Fire & EMS ladder track.

Shelton Police, Mason County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Negotiator & Swift Rescue Team, and Central Mason Fire & EMS all played important roles in this capture, resulting in a successful and safe apprehension.

Pictures provided by the City of Shelton.