Updated Special Election Results

Wednesday, the Elections Department in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted more ballots from Tuesday’s Special Election and the latest numbers show the gap narrowing but still not enough.

The North Mason School District’s replacement levy picked up some more votes to close the gap but is still short of passing.

Wednesday’s results show that 50.76 percent (2,642 voters) voted “No.” on the four-year, $2.16 per thousand of assessed value Educational Programs and Operations levy.

In Mason County Fire District 16, both propositions are now above 50 percent but have different requirements to pass.

The measure to restore the property tax levy for maintenance and operations to the amount prior to the merger of Fire Districts 9 and 16 now has a 52.19 percent approval rate with 393 voting “Yes.” and 360 voting “No.” Proposition No. 1 needs a simple majority (50% plus 1). The second measure which would have been a permanent Emergency Medical Services Levy for operations and staffing of 50 cents per thousand of assessed value now has 54.99 percent approval with 413 in favor and 338 against. Proposition No. 2 needs a super majority (60% plus 1) to pass.

The approval rate for Mason County Fire District 6’s EMS levy remains above 70 percent with 485 (71.85%) voting “Yes.” and 190 (28.15%) voting “No.”

The next ballot count is May 7th with the election certified on May 8th. The results will likely not change.

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