Woman Arrested after Allegedly Pointing Gun at Car

A 36-year-old woman was arrested last week after allegedly pointing a gun at a car in the drive-through of a Shelton restaurant.

According to a news release, at approximately 6:40 PM last Thursday (April 23, 2020), Shelton Police responded to a reported disturbance outside of a restaurant in the 2500 block of Olympic Highway North. Citizens reported that a subject in the drive-through lane was waving around a handgun.

The first officer arrived on scene and noticed several people pointing at a vehicle in the drive-through with a yelling woman standing outside the vehicle. The officer was told she had a gun, and the officer ordered the female to the ground. She complied and was handcuffed as other officers arrived.

During the investigation, officers learned that the female was the ex-partner of the man in the vehicle she had pointed the gun at. Their two children were also in the car at the time of the incident. The male had picked up his children for visitation and was taking them out to eat. While he was waiting in line, the female approached him and began yelling accusations of theft before pointing a handgun at him.

A restaurant employee was outside during the altercation and attempted to evacuate people from the immediate area. A nearby witness heard the disturbance and exited his vehicle in an attempt to calm the female down. She became further agitated before police arrived.

A search warrant was obtained for the (woman’s) vehicle and officers located a 9mm handgun and ammunition in the car. The 36-year-old female was booked into Mason County Jail for three counts of second degree assault- domestic violence.

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