Police Searching for Shelton Outfitters Burglar

The Shelton Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the person who burglarized Shelton Outfitters.

A news release says that an unidetified person smashed the store’s front door glass to gain entry to the store in the 700 block of Cascade Avenue (corner of Cascade & Olympic Highway South) at approximately 3:30 AM on Thursday, April 16, 2020. Once inside, the suspect stole several items, fled the scene, and set off an alarm. For an unknown reason, the alarm company failed to notify law enforcement or Shelton Outfitters of the tripped alarm.

Later that morning, a citizen noticed the broken glass and called Shelton Police. Shelton Police officers searched the building and notified the manager. The suspect was caught on video surveillance.

The Shelton Police Department is asking for any help in identifying the suspect. Anyone with information regarding the suspect or incident should contact Shelton Police Department Detective Lawson at 360-432-5138, or MACECOM dispatch center at 360-426-4441.