Residents Asked to Refrain from Burning

With neighborhoods full of home-bound residents thanks to the state-wide Stay at Home order, any smoke created by recreational fires or yard-waste burning may impact a large number of people. Worse, since Covid-19 creates severe respiratory issues, anything that impacts breathing during these tense times can add to people’s stress and worry.

For these reasons, the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) encourages residents and businesses to continue working together to protect public health by reducing the amount of smoke they produce. Folks are asked to refrain from outdoor burning activities, including recreational fires, yard waste burning, and land-clearing slash burning. These voluntary restrictions should be upheld until the need for ‘social distancing’ relaxes.

Residents may make use of alternatives to burning, including curbside pickup services offered by their trash pick-up providers. Compost piles can turn yard waste into valuable soil additives for yard and garden. And chipping can create good ground-cover materials.