COVID-19 Op/Ed by Anonymous Belfair Resident

I don’t believe we are doing the public any justice by withholding a general area in a county which covid-19 positive cases have been identified. I believe other communities have benefited by dodging or frequenting a little less areas where cases have been Identified. It may have some affect on business or at least maybe people will practice a little better covid-19 hygiene practices knowing that the virus has hit closer to home in their community thus maybe saving hospitalizations or lives. Identify the area in the county not the the names of the infected.

Anonymous, Belfair

One thought on “COVID-19 Op/Ed by Anonymous Belfair Resident”

  1. I fully agree! Our county is not doing any of us a favors by not at least disclosing the area where the positive person lives and where they have traveled lately. Quarantining a person at home, does not guarantee that they won’t leave the house and mingle with other residents. We are in uncharted territory and need to have full disclosure to all residents, to HExx with the HIPPA requirements during times like this.

    BTW, I sent a similar request via email to our county commissioners to be entered as a public comment during Tuesdays meeting. Will see if they will discuss this issue at their meeting.

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